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My 1st Redskins/Cowboys Game


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I will forever have SWEEEEET memories for being my 1st Dallas game!!!

And this is my 4th game I have been too. And the best by far.

All of you Redskins fans are all my family and I love you all very much!

What's your 1st Dallas game memories?

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My first memories are from the 60's when my father sat me down in front of our new color TV and said "boy, thats the cowboys and they have Bob Hayes ? on their team and he's the fastest man in the world but they are going to get beat by our team the Washington Redskins because the cowboys are the devils team " . Ok, I made up that part about the devils team but the jest was the same. I've been watching them ever since through thick and thin. I never hated Meridith, like the rest of them. I always thought that he was pretty cool.

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