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Now THAT, is domination.


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Man I was so sick of hearing the media and every frickin cowboys fan I've met all year talk about how they'dominated" almost the whole game the first time around. That was not domination, this was.

The first game the boys looked just slightly better than us for most of the game offensively, but not particularly overpowering or anything. Defensively it was pretty even most of the game. They scored their only TD off a trick play where Taylor slipped, and other wise just were fairing better in the field position battle due to our offensive struggles and some pretty poor punting by Frost. If they had won, even their own fans would have admitted that they really didn't look all that good in doing it, we just looked a little worse. Once they lost however it suddenly transformed into "domination" until the end when they gott burned. Sometimes hindsight is not 20/20 as they say.

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