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My Cowbum Friends Cry About Homecooking.


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My Cowbum friends at the game had the nerve to cry about homecooking. Saying the refs beat them. 1st off a lot of the Cowbums penalties were false starts. And even if we all played devils advocate about the calls, look at all the calls that have gone against the Skins in the past. The Monday nite gm against the Cowbums last year when that bogus interference call put the Cowbums on the 1 yd line. Then they didn't call a blatant interference call when Newman grabbed Rod Gardner for a sure TD pass. I told my Cowbum friend to shut up and take the loss. I damn sure didn't want to hear nothing about refs. I can't believe Cowbum fans were leaving the stadium crying about calls. :dallasuck :dallasuck :cheers: :laugh:

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It's funny because they always run their mouths about us complaining about the refs and then they turn around and do the same.

Thats why I laugh. My man(cowbum fan) always has a reply when there's a team he likes and you complain about the refs. He says "Go lift weights you guys are too small". So today when he complained it felt good as hell to say "Go lift weights, yall are to small". :laugh: :laugh: :D :dallasuck

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you don't lose a game 35-7 and complain about the refs.

notice that Gibbs didn't do that when the Redskins lost to the Giants 36-0.

you admit your team got beat and move on.

that has always been one problem with Dallas fans.

they expect the refs calls to always go in their favor and when the calls are evenly distributed or go the other way, they think there is some collusion on the part of the officials to cost them a game :laugh:

friends who watched this game at home indicated that Troy Aikman said the Cowboys were soundly beaten on both sides of the ball.

case closed.

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