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Julius who?


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If my memory serves me correctly there were several Cowgirl trolls posting early in the season that Julius Jones is better than LT. Better than LT? He's not even a top ten back in this league. Outside of one run made after the score was 35-0 the kid was all but non existent. He couldn't carry Clinton Portis' jock. Our team played their guts out today and left it all on the field for themselves and their fans. God Bless The Redskins! The Giants better be scared coming into our house next week. Here's to the playoffs boys and girls.

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I wouldn't say he's trash. He's definetly good and underrated, but a LaDanian he is not.

I could have sworn I heard Joe Buck say that Julius Jones grew up a Redskins fan.

Well he was from Virginia. Guess how many 100 yard games he had this season "0":laugh:

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