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This is why we're Redskin fans...


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Through all that we've been through through the years, this is why we're 'Skins fans. Coach Gibbs is back and getting us going in the correct direction. We have our best record since 2001, and hopefully we can build on that. Regardless of whether we make the playoffs or not, we're still in the hunt for them going into Week 16.

We have some real knockdown, dragouts with each other on this board and I've had my share of scuffles, but no matter who you are, or who you like/dislike as a poster we're ALL Redskin fans through it all. (Well, not all, but you know what I mean.) Thank you. To everyone.

I'm extremely excited right now for this team and the direction it's going.

Only one thing can be said here, folks.


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whether we make it to the playoffs this yr or not, i am really excited about next yr. i think with most of the players still here next yr, having another year under Gibb's system, i can see the redskins being on top. it took 2 yrs gibb's first time around to win it all. it might not take 2 this time around but i just see gibb's redskins getting better and better as yrs go by.

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There are two objectives too an NFL season. Make the playoffs, and beat the cowboys. Not only did we beat them, but we did it in the 2 most HUMILIATING ways possible. The first the most amazing comeback by the Redskins over the Cowboys ever. The second the biggest blowout by the Redskins ever.

Hail to the freakin' Redskins.

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