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Is today's win over Dallas, the best victory since that playoff win over Detriot?


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I was pleasantly shocked by today's win. :dallasuck :point2sky :cheers: :notworthy :applause:

I thought our offense would be the ones to be shut down not the Boys!

I think today's win, was the best Skins victory since we beat the Detroit Lions in the playoffs in Jan. 2000!

What couldn't you like about today's win:

1. Crushing the hated Cowboys on national TV.

2. Sweeping the hated Cowboys for the first time in 10 years.

3. Improving our playoff chances, while hurting the hated Boys chances!

4. If this loss keeps the boys out of the playoffs; we could also see a coaching change in Dallas. Wouldn't that be nice, to cause some tension between Parcells and Jones, leading to a split!

So my poll question: Is this the biggest Skins win, since that Jan. 2000 playoff win over Detroit?

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I'm probably happier with this win than that playoff win over Detroit.

- Sweeping Dallas in such dominating fashion at home.

- Staying alive for a playoff birth this late in the season.

- Ensuring at least a .500 ... probably 9-7 or 10-6.

- Continuing the steady improvement shown since Gibbs came back.

- Did I mention sweeping Dallas?

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