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Congrates you earned it


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misery loves company huh?


You earned the win, dominated the game, not much else I can say...

Your team was prepared and wanted it more. Dallas seemed unprepared, lost, and heartless the entire game.

Your coaches coached better, your team played better, and you won.

I still want you to lose out, and Dallas to win out, Playoffs is all that matters now... :applause:

(although from today, Dallas doesn't really deserve it)

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You totally killed Dallas start to finish. You dominated every faciate of the game and earned this win... :doh:

Here is to hoping you finish the season out 0-2. :cheers:

Classy post, Im glad to see when fans admitt when there beat like we been the last few centuries against you guys lol. Good luck against the panthers, wont hurt my feelings to see you all win it.

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Yah I thought this was going to be a classy post by a respectable cowboys fan. But then you just ruined it...:dallasuck

What you folks expected me to say I hope you win the next two? When that could directly eliminate my teams from the playoffs...


Sorry not going to happen... :silly:

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