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Official We Own Dallas Thread


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yea man, we do own dallas. This is what WeOwnU said to us earlier in the week

Keys to the game.

Washington has no pass rush. But Dallas' offensive line has stunk lately, and is dessimated by injuries. Advantage....... Push

Bledsoe has a knack for fumbling the ball when hit. Oh wait, so does Brunell


Dallas can stop the run, especially against small backs like Portis. Washington is pretty soft against the run, but Dallas doesn't have a premier runner. Advantage push

Dallas dominated the entire game last time they met with the exception of two bombs late in the game. Advantage Cowboys

(Lets face it, you think Parcells is going to let that happen again? Of course not)

Game is being played at Washington. Advantage Washington (Although you did lose the last two games there.

So my prediction is Cowboys 24 ********s 10

Good luck with the playoffs and we'll see you next year

This is just proof tha Cowboys fans are idiots. They com on our board, tryin to act all smart. Now that the cowboys fans proved that they are dumb let's reanalyze this game:

QB- advantage Redskins (bledsoe sux)

RB - advantage Redskins

OL -advantage Redskins (brunell wasn;t touched at all)

WR - advantage Redskins

DL - advantage Redskins

LB - Advantage Redskins

DB - advantage Redskins

Special Teams - advantage Redskins

SO basically, we own dallas. Dallas sux. final score 35-7 Redskins.


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I don't believe i was even alive the last time we swept Dallas. This is bitter sweet for any youngn. :laugh:

^^ you were alive. I was in college the last time we swept dallas. i remember terry allen getting hurt and stephen davis came in and took the game over. for the second win over dallas that season. 95 my freshman year.

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A picture is worth 1000 words

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