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Wonderfull. I am In shock over the score. Hey, Fed -Ex at 30 secs playing dont raise your boys to be Cowturds. I love It! Proud of Cooley with 3TDs, Daniels with what 4 sacks? Damn this win makes up for so tough a season. A sweep of the Cowturds. Ive been so hard on this team, they could miss the playoffs as long as they play with the same fire and passion as tonight. A sweep, 35-7, Bleedso sacked 7 times. Told those Cowturds like turd#1 they were heading into a Burgandy and Gold hornest nest, but this big a win? Man. Thank you Skins, sorry Ive been so hard, I am happy. Wonderfull. Just found out Falcons lose tonight, Skins in sixth seed. Lets see how It turns out. :helmet:

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