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"Hail Skins!" from the Steeler Nation (35-0!)


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(*deep breath*)


Holy Crap! Hangin' 35 points on the Cokeboys! HAHA! Look at those dingleberries in their blue unis! HAHA! Hey boys, hang another 35 points on these pretenders and their plastic faced owner! This is too sweet. HAHAHAHAH!

Blesoe looks pretty good don't he? Man, there is only one thing better than watching my Steelers pound on the Cowpies and thats watching the Skins hand them their butts when the season is on the line! Hey Cowboys, way to step up in a big game!

Hey Cowboys fans, do you know why Jerry Jones left a hole in the roof of Texas stadium? So God can watch the Cowboys suck! HAHAHAH!

Go get 'em Skins!

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