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It's Playoff Time! Redskins fans, UNITE!


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Today is the best oppurtunity we've ever had in the last 12 years with exception to the only playoff appearence in that time frame. It's win or lose and kiss the season good bye right now. Same thing for our oppenent and rival, the Dallas Cowboys. :dallasuck The best part about it is that we have a say in it. For all you fans fortunate enough to go to the game, Let's make Fed Ex as LOUD AS IT'S EVER BEEN AND SHOW THE NFL WHO GREAT REDSKINS FANS CAN BE FOR OUR TEAM! Let's make even better than this years eagles game! Let's make Fed Ex like good 'ol RFK and prove to the world Fed Ex Feild is OUR STADIUM and No other team or their fans is going to highjack it from us!

This game is like a playoff game. If we win, we will most likely go to the playoffs with the Wildcard and send Dallas home sobbing, breaking their dreams and kicking them out of the playoff picture so we can get that spot and make our dreams a reality. And if we dont'... Well let's not allow that to happen!

You've seen in the Bears and Eagles games how important the 12th man can be with the noise we make. The case can be made that the Bears game was won because of you guys! Offenses get all messed up and don't know what they're doing when they can't hear. They make bad penalties and they blow their blocking assignments and recieving routes because they couldn't hear their Quarterback to get the call.

That is why we need to take back Fed Ex Feild and be LOUD for the Redskins!

Let me ask you this: After over a whole entire decade of LOSING SEASONS, are you willing to sit there on your hands in your seats and just be cold while the DALLAS COWBOYS have come into town to attempt to humiliate us again, knowing full well WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Know that this is the first time in 12 years we are playing DALLAS for a PLAYOFF SPOT?

It's win or go home, and fans, I don't care how cold it is outside. It's your job to warm it up! Make the stadium rumble! And don't let them cowoys fans highjack OUR stadium! Be louder than them. Mute them. Show them this is the REDSKINS stadium, and NOT their "home away from home". I'm insulted by that. You should be to.

We have the best oppurtunity here as fans and as a team. It's a home game, and as REDSKINS FANS, it's up to us to help our team and take back OUR stadium. In all of our glory, we can get a wild card playoff spot and send Dallas home not just losing to US, but losing the playoff spot as well!

Again, I don't care HOW cold it is outside! The more active and loud you are, then the more warm you will be. Sitting silently in your seats will only make you colder, and say to the world that we don't care about our team!

Come on Redskins fans, be those braves on a Warpath, and FIGHT FOR 'OLE D.C.! :point2sky :helmet:

Are you with me, or do I fight this battle alone?

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