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What I'm feeling now, on the morning of the game, is beyond words. The level of excitement, nervousness, and emotion is pumping full speed through my veins. My first waking thought this morning was "Gameday." The tension has been building all week and it peaks today. THIS IS IT!

This game is soooo huge I really wish I could have been back in DC/Northern Va to feel the hype starting to build. I go to UNC and I can only name our games vs Dook as a comparison for this, but even those matches fall short of this milestone match vs Dallas. This game means so much and I'm honored to be part of this unparalelled tradition.

To everyone goin to the game: Have Fun, Cheer Hard, Be DANG LOUD--I wanna feel it at home.

"When they come in here, they gotta play our game, in our house, and NOBODY, beats us in our house! -WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!-"


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I'm on my way to the game right now... I'm just as excited, growing up with a household full of redskin tradition and now I get to experience it firsthand.

I really hope Fedex is chanting like that when I'm there, either way its gonna be loud.

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