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This post is for Skins organization, ExtremeSkins and all our fans.


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I just wanted to say We are the most blessed fans on the face of the earth. We have team who cares so much for us that they take the time to hear us out and give back what we have put in for so many years.

We have the BEST dayum message board a team could ever give us fans, being ExtremeSkins. Fans from all over come here to wish us well or talk smack. Either way as a dallas cowboy fan stated to me earlier, thats what this rivalry is about and he was so right.

For the last many years all of us Redskins, Cowboys and Giants fans could talk about is how can we compete with Philly. This year all of our coaches showed the NFL how its done, point blank.

By bringing back the best coaches for our teams, and bringing back smash mouth football and showing the new NFL what the NFC East is really about. What makes me so proud is they all come to this message board to see it.

Thank you Washington Redskins, Thank you Art and to all from ExtremeSkins, and Thank you Bubba a great fan and to all you great Redskins fans here. Even a thank you to dallas fans to help heat the Best Dayum Rivalry in all of sports.

This alone is what football is all about, Playoff race in late December, Dallas and NY in our way, and having these Big Time games in front of 92,000 Redskin fanatics which will take Dallas's most progressive formation out of this game, the Shot Gun!

One QB can not out scream 92,000 fans, so get use to staying behind the center Bledsoe and Manning. Us the 12th man, the most ExtremeFans in the NFL will be your biggest problem.

Hail To Our Redskins!!!!

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If not for this site, I would be alone:(

Nobody in AZ wants to talk Redskins football with me:(

I have no friends but the Skins were always there:)

But I have this site:)

I love sharing the joy and the pain with you all!

Okay, I'm sounding like a biatch...Go Skins!!!! Kill dem' Cowpukes!

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