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interesting stat for portis this season

SKiNz Jus 2 sick

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In recent weeks we've been running him outside, just last week have we really started seeing him get a lead blocker from a FB... the last few weeks the running game is starting to look solid, I like how we've adapted to Portis' running style.

Although, the pitches to the outside with Sellers in front are pretty obvious and I wouldn't expect it to work too much. I'd like to see a counter to the weak side, with Sellers running over to the strong side and the defense shifting ... Portis might have a ton of space to work with, especially if you get our recievers to motion strong side as well.

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Portis is #3 RB in the NFC in rushing TDs behind only Stephen Davis and Shaun Alexander

and Portis is #4 in the NFC in rushing Yards behind Alexander Barber and Dunn

Clinton Portis is a great back. He's going to end up with 10,000 career yards within maybe the next three or four seasons. At the rate he's going, Clinton is going to catch up with Emmitt Smith one day.

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