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Office Christmas Party 3 O’clock today

E-Dog Night

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Or should I say "Holiday" party. Whatever. Work sucks today and I don't want to be here. I mean I really just don't want to be here - I'm already well into mental weekend mode. I'm getting annoying emails, informing me that what I needed three days ago won't be coming at all..."sorry that I didn't tell you earlier, even though I could have"...

All I want to do is go to the Old Ebbitt Grill and start shoving jumbo shrimp ****tails down my throat. Can't wait to see the hotties get drunk.

3 O’clock, where art thou…

Anyone else having their comapny Christmas party soon?

Oh that reminds me, I have to get a gag gift. Any ideas?

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Ok, I got a stocking and stuffed it with 2 Yoohoo's, a bag of Lil Romeo "Rapping wit my Honey" potato chips, and a lotto ticket.

Can't wait to see the poor sucker who gets that.

i gave a lottery ticket for a white elephant gift one year at an office party.... the guy who got it won 50 bucks off of it! And what was I stuck with? A chitzy clay wall thing from Mexico :doh:

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