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My AZ Roadtrip Hooters, Tailgate and Game Pics.....


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Sorry that the pics are late.

Having problems with my computer again.

I am hopeing that Santa Claus knows that I was a good boy this year and brings me a new Dell computer for Christmas. :D

What a great time I had in Tempe over the weekend.

The weather was great with the temps in the low 70's. Got to see alot of people I have tailgated with before and getting to meet a bunch of other great Redskin fans from across the country.

Their was so many I can't remember everyone, so if you see yourself or know who they are in anyone of the pics I did not captioned, please let me know who is in what pic so I can add their names.


I would like to thank Chubakah, illone and Kevin B for all their hard work putting this trip together. You guys did a great job and looking forward to doing another roadtrip next season with Redskin-Roadtrips.

I took over 130 pics on the trip but only 32 made the cut, so I hope y'all enjoy the ones I selected.

To see my pics, go to http://community.webshots.com/user/deadtreecrew

And by the way........

It's Dallas week, so...... :dallasuck

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Great pics, Thanks for posting them. I wish i could have gone with you guys.

I thought I was going to see you this Sunday for the Cowboy game, but the guy who promised me tickets gave them to someone else. He told me for months that the tickets were mine and he gave them to someone else at the last minute. I am so damn mad right now. I even took vacation time off from work this week. If he wasn't going to give me the tickets or if he wasn't sure he should have never told me it was definate. All I can say is he better never ask me for help ever again.

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Awesome pics, Dave. Was nice to meet you and I had a great time as well. The grill guy was my buddy Joe, he isn't registered on here yet but I'm sure he will be soon. We're gonna do a tailgate out at Fed-Ex seeing as though he lives walking distance.

Thanks for a great first Redskins game experience.

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Is it me , or does Kevin look entirely too sober??? :laugh:

Great pics Dave

Ahhh the obligatory "Why Isn't Kevin on the Ground" reference.... How timely. If you must know I had to drive after the game because someone esle got completely OWN3T!!!! It rhymes with Valley?

Great shots dave!!!!

Doug great obscure refernece.."Hi Welcome to Raisins, I'm Mercedes - How are you guys?!!"

RJ, we weren't really sitting to much!!! :peaceout:

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