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4 Redskins/Giants Tickets. LL Section 220 row 16. 35 yard line.


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i thought it was face value only on this board

I don't know. I read the "Updated Rules and Guidelines" post and it didn't say. Not to mention that there are a number of tickets being sold here that aren't face value. (Honestly, it actually seems that the tickets that *are* going for face value are mainly uppers 400+)

I paid more than face for these and these are well below what I'm seeing for equal seats I see ending on places like Ebay and Stubhub. These same tickets sold for $200 each on Ebay for the first Giants earlier this year... (and no, I didn't sell them, I was just able to look back at the sellers history.) According to Stubhub, tickets in this section, for this game, have been going for $175 + a 10% service charge + $15 shipping.

If I'm doing something wrong, someone please let me know and point to the guidelines that I missed.


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Well of course its not stated in the rules. You wanna be greedy, take it somewhere else! :finger:

What don't you understand about: "I paid more than face for these"?

And DButz, you were one of the people I saw list for higher than face value (initially.) So I actually followed *your* lead that it was ok to do so. Yours were endzone tickets though, and frankly, I wouldn't pay more than face for those either. But that's because I almost never get to go to games and I'm a snob about where I sit when I do get a chance. In my opinion tickets, even at face, are overpriced (especially club level and dreamseats)... as is the food and beverages... t-shirts and parking... everything. But it's a decisions I, and apparently many people make when we decide to go.

Anyway, I can see why only uppers and endzone tickets are being listed for face value on this forum. Instead of people offering decent seats here for a decent price (and yes, these are being sold at a "very good" price compared to other places around the net!), they are taking their "good" seats to places like Ebay or StubHub where they can get market value (which happens to often have nothing to do with face value.)

Which is cool... because I'd love to buy mid-field seats for face value too. Thing is, I can't, or have never been able to anyway.

Not all of us are season ticket holders you know.

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Ya ebay sellers can kiss our a$$'s! :)

Yeah, they may suck, but at least I've got a place to go where I can get some decent seats. I can be envious about it, but there isn't much I can actually do about it. They've got a product I want, and the only question ends up being how bad I (and other people) want it.

Those tickets face value is like $69, maybe less if they say "obstructed view" on them...

The 2 "limited view" tickets are $69. The other two "unobstructed view" are $79. But heck, seats on the 25, two rows from the field are $79 too! But I'll never get anywhere close to that when I'm buying tickets.

And what do the club seats 20-40 feet straight up from these 220 seats sell for? $225? $325? I had club level seats in Tampa for the Redskins/Tampa game and they were $345 face! That's just insane. And these seats I'm sell for $125 each are probably closer.

So if you wanna sell them for less than the asking price, pm me lol my fiances father wants some tickets possibly

Oh, I see how it is. It's ok for "me" to lose money on them just so long as you have something to gain. ;)

You guys are a funny bunch.

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Well i was only asking like $30 more than face for 3 tickets, then realized

that wouldnt fly in here so sold em at face :) For where your tickets are

and what your asking is alot more than that, thats all, gl gettin rid of them here:cheers:

Hey I can't help that there are so many well-connected people on this forum. ;)

Must be nice.

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