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Charging Court Documents in Smoot Case


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I'll summarize for those Extremeskins too busy to read the full report:

Dante - Received a naked lap dance, grabbed two handfuls of behind.

Smoot - Chartered the boats. Wielded the aforementioned two headed monster for the benefit of two ladies lying on the floor in the boat's lounge area ballroom. One woman left, but Smoot, never one to fade late in the game, continued to provide service to the other.

Bryant McKinnie (aka Freaky Deaky) - Picked up a woman who was sans clothing, and placed her atop the bar in the lounge area, and nosed dived into the promised land. Later he was observed in a deck chair, one of four men being Lewinsky'ed by four women.

Moe Williams - The short yardage specialist was observed in an area near the downstairs bathroom receiving a lap dance from a woman who was not fully dressed. With the woman's breasts at a convenient eye level, Williams used this opportunity to work on his ball handling technique.

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The guys should just come out here to the world-famous party cove here in MO. There is A LOT more that goes on aboard those boats! Do a google for "party cove" and you'll see what I mean !! These were just boys out having fun -- Minn is just TOO UPTIGHT !! :laugh:



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