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I Just Crashed a Holiday Party!


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Holiday greetings, all! Yours truly decided to overcome his "shyness" and attend a holiday party down the hall from where I work. When I was doing my lunch-time walk, I saw that wing of the building setting up for the party. Since I knew some of the people in that hallway, I thought I'd, ahem, just show up, mingle a little with my friends, then get some FREE EATS! Not only did I do that -- chilled shrimp, raw veggies, wings, sammiches and homemade rolls, to name a few -- I took over the Karaoke machine. I sang such hits as "My Girl," "Sexual Healing" and "After the Love Has Gone." But, what brought the place down was, as I was beginning to sing "Against All Odds," the woman who organized the entire event was trying to leave the room. I stepped in front of her and acted like I was singing to her! She turned beat red LOVED it! It was a blast!

I just had to share that. It was a lot of fun and I actually made some new friends, which is always cool. Hollah!

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