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Is Lewis Black funny?


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I would have never got through college if it wasnt for my horse.

Ya I think hes funny, plus hes a Redskin fan so he gets extra credit for that. He was on Inside the NFL show this season where he said he was a Redskin fan.

another line of his I think is great is Democrats are a party of no ideas, and Republicans are a party of bad ideas. This is how it works. A Republican says "Hey I got a really bad idea!", and the democrat says "oh ya. I can make it worse!". or something like that.

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gotta agree with iheart on this one - small doses. I love his Daily show bits, and comedy central specials are alright. But, when i listen to his cds, its kind of like 'yeah i get it - you're pissed off and you like to yell.'

still, he's better than a lot of comics out there right now.

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Lewis Black is very funny and intelligent, though his technique isn't anything new.

He can be political w/o having to go over his audience's head like a Bill Maher or Dennis Miller, and he doesn't have to be a stupid clown to get laughs like Dane Cook (though Cook is reall funny) or Jimmy Fallon.

If you like the style, you'll like him.

He's from Silver Spring MD, too!

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he isn't to me

as for the comedy central 'regs', I think Greg Geraldo has the smartest and funniest material.

Seems like alot of Mitch Hedberg has been thrown around since his passing. That guy killed me. He may be one who gets more popular in his absence.

Jon Stewart is the best late night host since Carson

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