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TV Coverage maps are up.. want to know if you can watch the game??

Supreme Wu

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When looking at those maps (like the CBS map since it is very broken), be sure to pay attention to the location where the station is as opposed to where you live. I live in the green area (Cincy at Detroit) and have a CBS affiliate from that area. I also get a CBS affiliate from the red area (SD at Indy), so I get two AFC games at 1:00. I, however, will be in the FedEx parking lot so I am at the mercy of the D.C. area stations! I LOVE it!!!! I guess I'll have the Sirius with me.

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I never knew about this map/site. Im going to be in Maine for the Giants game and this way I will be able to see if the game is on tv up there or if i have to go to a sports bar...Sweet!


Maine is part of the 'New York Region', and so we get all the Giants games up here. Which is why I make sweet love to my DirecTV dish and TiVo box every Sunday.

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