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CNN: BREAKING NEWS Polls open in Iraq for parliamentary election.


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I thought that said Paramilitary election for a second there...LOL

They had an English teacher in Baquba (I think) on earlier that they were interviewing, she spoke decent English, but then she got so excited over how happy she was that I could't understand a thing she said.

I guess that's a good thing...LOL

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Everyone can fault us for being in the war in the first place, but the results are showing and the fact the Sunnis are voting is huge.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqis voted in a historic parliamentary election Thursday, with strong turnout reported in Sunni Arab areas that had shunned balloting last January, bolstering U.S. hopes of calming the insurgency enough to begin withdrawing its troops.

Several explosions rocked Baghdad as the polls opened, including a large one near the heavily fortified Green Zone, and a bomb killed a hospital guard near a polling station in Mosul. But violence overall was light and did not appear to discourage Iraqis, some of whom came to vote wrapped in their country’s flag on a bright, sunny day.

Polling stations were scheduled to close at 5 p.m. (9 a.m. ET) although the election commission extended voting by an hour because of the high turnout.

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