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How Great would it be if we swept Dallas this season, and made the playoffs all in the same season. I Know Football in the NFL is played one game at a time, but most of us (Skins Fans) have had dreams about it even before the season started. We want it, so the players have to want it even more.

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hey, we've beat them once, on national tv, in thier house, on 2 plays, the same way they have been beating us.

we have already won more games then we did last year, and it's shaping up we will finish ahead of the eagles in our division (another improvement from last year)

we have shown jurrastic improvements with our offense, we have a 1300 yd rusher, and a 1000 yard receiver.

Our defense is top 10

AND we are in the middle of the playoff hunt with the most favorable schedule you could ask for, final 3 games, against division opponents, the most difficult being held at home....i'm really happy with the way things have been....but you know what....

I would STILL love to beat Dallas and get into the playoffs!!!

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