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THANKFUL for this weekend!!!


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Regardless of whether the Skins can win this weekend, I am thankful that the Skins are in contention this late in the season.

I am also thankful that the Chiefs/Giants game is Saturday. Its really great that we have a Saturday football game to cheer for somebody against the Giants. If the Chiefs were to win then we can celebrate the fact that the Redskins CONTROL their own destiny. If the Giants win, so what. Dallas is still here.

Then on Sunday, I am thankful that the Skins/Dallas game has been moved to 4pm because now I can watch the Pittsburg/Minnesota game at 1pm. If Pitt wins then I still have hope that the Skins are making the playoffs as a wildcard team. Then if by luck of all lucks, the Skins beat Dallas....

then I am thankful that Atlanta plays at Chicago Sunday night. Then if Chicago wins, Atlanta would fall below the Redskins in the playoff hunt.

Of course if Dallas beats Washington, none of this matters but I will at least have had a pretty interesting and emotionally filled final weekend of football before I turn my attention to the draft.

Boy, do I hope everything falls into place this weekend. But I am thankful just to have a great weekend of NFL football including a Saturday. I sure will be stuffed full of pizza and chips and soft drinks this weekend.

Enjoy, my friends!

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That Giants/Chiefs game is goin to be huge. They must lose it. GO CHIEFS!.......oh, and GO SKINS!

But the whole point is that we have FOUR....4......different games to watch on T.V.....that mean something to the Skins playoff chances.

Of course you only get all 4 if you have direct TV and can watch the Pittsburg game at 1pm. And I do. Hope you do also.

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