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PRESS RELEASE: Antonio Brown Special Teams Player of the Week

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ASHBURN, VA - The NFL and the Washington Redskins announced today that kick

returner Antonio Brown has been named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Brown, signed two weeks ago after being released earlier in the season, had

a career day against the Cardinals last week. Brown scored the game-winning

touchdown on a 91-yard kickoff return It marked his longest return and his

first career touchdown return during the regular season. It was the second

time the Redskins have taken a kickoff return for a touchdown this season,

Ladell Betts scored earlier in the season on a 94-yard return against Tampa


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I know hes had his share of dropped passes, but we should line A. brown up @ WR. With his speed and santanas speed on the field at the same time, I think that would pose serious problems for opossing Defenses

I totally agree! A. Brown will create match up problems for the Tuna and should really keep the safeties deep; thus, giving Portis more room to do his thing as well as Cooley/Sellers/Portis over the short middle with LB coverage.

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That was a great kickoff return. May have been the reason we won. He had good blockers though. I dont think he even got touched on that return. It was great when he was blowing kisses when he was about to score.

HAHA It was great when he was blowing kisses when he was at the 50 yard line! :laugh:

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That article is the bomb. Can't help but root for Antonio and hope he keeps being productive for this team for a long time :) GO Antonio!

man you can say that again. Wow apperently there are coaches out there that think this kid is as good if not better than Santana. Joe Gibbs has got to give this kid a chance as a WR. Come on Joe Royal has dropped by last count 9 passes and you still stick with him Give Antonio a chance. I still remember that drop against the Ravens. Man he blew by that CB and was open by 10 yards. Please Joe give him another chance at WR.

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