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9-7 Has A Good Chance Of Winning NFC East


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9-7 can still make the playoffs. Think about it, Giants lose to KC next week(which is very much possible) they are 9-5. Skins beat Dallas they are 8-6. Next week:Skins beat Giants and are tied in 1st holding the tiebreaker. Last week Skins lose to philly making them 9-7. Giants play @ Oakland(Eli Manning isn't that good on the road. He has ONLY 2 wins on the road. One of them against San Fransisco and the other recently agianst an injured Philly squad.) If the Giants lose that game the Skins would be tied at 9-7 with the Giants. Now after Dallas loses to us Dallas plays @ Carolina. They probably will lose making them 8-7. Then even if Dallas wins the last week of the season against St. Louis the NFC east division would have a 3 way tie and the Skins would hold the tiebreaker(having the better divisonal record). So 9-7 still has an ok chance to win the divison. It wont be easy but it could happen. Your thoughts?

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We have to beat Dallass and the G'aints first. A tall order for sure. Not impossible, but tough. I still think that it will take 10-6 to win the East.

I agree, it will take 10-6 to win the division. I just can't see G-men losing the rest of their games. Let's start rooting for the CHIEFS on Saturday!!!

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