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Chiefs win is VERY important


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The Chiefs play the Giants in the Meadowlands.

The Chiefs lost but because the Chargers and Jags did too, the Chiefs don't lose much ground in the Wild Card hunt.

This game will take place on SATURDAY.

Why is that big? A Chiefs win will happen distinctly before we play.

If the Chiefs win, you don't think that gives us extra motivation to win?

Remember, a Giants loss and we control our own destiny.

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We NEED the Chiefs to win very badly. I really do think our chances at winning the division are better than our chances for a wildcard.

I agree. We have a better chance at the division then a wildcard. We whip up on the cowgirls and have the Chiefs step on the midgets. Then win out.

The division is ours for the taking as long as the Chiefs win.

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