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I mean we're in the playoff hunt, with a winning record this late in the season! This from a team that preseason was picked by most to be last place in the NFC East.

The Skins are without question overachieving AND most importingly headed in the right direction under Coach Gibbs! This team has come to play EVERY week except for one in NY(but every team in the National Football League has an off week at some point).

This game is big this week and it'll be nervous times on Sunday. BUT it'll be a FUN nervousness instead of an uptight nervousness if you know what I mean.

I'm proud of this team and if we can get some guys healthy then we can be an even bigger surprise.

HTTR!! and support Coach Gibbs or die!

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Why havent Jacobs and Farris havent played a larger role in the passing game? It seems that our only options are 1 - Moss, 2. Cooooooley, 3. Royal, 4. Portis, 5. Fans in the 3rd Row. Are they not getting a hang of the offense? Brunell has no confidence in them? What could it be? We cant go into these last 3 games w/ only 1 WR option! Its been 3 weeks since Thrash has been out. Why cant this team get more WRs involved?


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