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I Am So Sick Of The Preseason


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woah nelly, calm down a tad bit. Remember back a month or two months ago when there was no football in sight? I sure do. I am appreciating every min of football talk and football action football shows, stores carrying football stuff now, Its football season again. If we start the season 2 weeks early, then its gonna end 2 weeks early and that means two more weeks of no football? two more weeks of sitting at home arguing about players we should look at? two more weeks takling about the draft? two more weeks of looking for old football movies to quench that thirst for football?

nah, I think I'll just chill and enjoy the season.

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it would be nice to see the starters on offense in place and ready to play at least a half or three quarters together before the opener :)

let's face it, the open competition has given everyone a chance to play but it hasn't given us an extended look at anyone.

You really can't judge what a receiver can go when he is in for 2 or 3 series each game as Gardner has been in the new offense.

Likewise it would have been nice to see Wuerffel stay in there and try to get something positive going before giving him the yank.

On defense the team is more settled and the rest of the preseason outside of solidifying the backup DL jobs is just a formality :)

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