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NOOOOOOOOO Carlos [Rogers Injury Status] (Merged)


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Seriously right now we have one healthy/viable WR and one healthy CB (and its Ade frickin Jimoh)

Yeah holding only 4 of each sure looks smart now.

I hate to be doom and gloom and I hope at least one or two of these guys can play, but if not well, its going to be UGLY.

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This is just more of a load that will be piled on Sean Taylors shoulders. This could be the game where Sean Taylor defines himself as the best defensive player in the league. I have sweet December visions of him running to paydirt, putting the skins up 31-17 with 1:20 on the clock at Fed Ex field. Please Santa let it be.

See how much better it is when you take a depressing thread and make it into a Sean Taylor thread.

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