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I dont like To's attitude at all, but I would love it if we could somehow pick him up for the rest of the year. Just so he could play with us against the cowboys and piss on the star after we win. Who would care if he got punished for it.

I dont know about the rest of you, but my hatred for dallas cant be measured. Everytime they come here in packs or we play them it just reminds me of it.

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First of all, TO isn't a free agent. He's still a Eagle no matter if he plays this year or not.

Second of all. There would be no star to piss on seeing on how the game is at FedEX field.

Other than those two things though...........good post.

Who said I ment the star on the field?

Also it would not matter if he was a free agent or not, he wont be coming here. It was purely hypothetical.

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