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Does Antone Else Want To Give G.williams Credit For Most Of Our Wins?


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I know I have spent many posts bashing JG(for good reason)but this post is to talk about how great GW is. Every week(almost)he gets his players to leave their heart out on the field even though JG's O gives them little help. His team continues to have to go out in the 4th quarter more than any team should and they never complain. GW runs the D and JG has little to do with it. Where would the Skins be if the D underperformed like the O did???..lol..imagine that, there's a TON of talent on the O side too. The Skins never can do much w/the great field position they reg. get. Yes, a couple games(whoo hoo)JG's O moved the ball this year..but anyway..give credit to GW for making the best of not getting what he needed this last off season(Smoot and DE). Instead of doing that we got a 2nd speedy WR???..for a dink and dunk O and let WH become starting CB which totally hurt GW's ability to blitz at times because WH cant cover man-man.

GW is a great coach and I hope we never lose him

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