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Practice this week: IMPORTANT!


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With Springs(back & groin) and Samuels(MCL and ankle) seemingly dealing w/ severe injures and maybe a few other players with nicks and bruises, should we expect all the players regardless of injury to practice all week full speed?

There are 3 games left and by the way the offense has played and the limitations we may have on defense it looks as if Brunell and the other invisible receivers need at least a few extra reps. I recall in high school and college practice was just as important as the game and going full speed is the only way to improve. It may be too late to expect much improvement but I do hope that Jacobs, Farris, Cooley and Moss all work w/ Brunell Tues-Sat. in all aspects of the passing game.

This is where you separate the men from the boys. Everyone is counting us out in the media (national and local) and whoever else you can think of (even some so called "skins fans.") I'm tired of JG talking about character. Let's strap it up and prepare like we are suppose to for one of the three biggest games to end the year. Every Wed. JG talks about walk throughs, half speed practices and rest for a whole bunch of guys, mainly the key guys. EVERYONE needs to be out there because if I can recall from yesterday's game we have issues on both sides of the ball. I don't care how good Boldin is he shouldn't have had that many opportunities when all the Cards do is throw the ball. As the DIE HARD skins fan that many of us are we should expect no less from these guys for the remaining games. Any comments?


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We definatly have the heart and there is no questioning that. I think the defining moment of us showing that we care as a "team" was when Portis was stopped short of the first down and his offensive lineman pushed the crowd past the first down marker. For me that was THE defining moment for the Redskins organization that these guys are fighting their guts out to win these games.

Practice with Brunell would help, however the biggest thing that the recievers need to focus on is getting separation, be in the right spot on the field and to simply catch the ball. The line needs to make sure that Brunell has plenty of time to make the correct decisions and not to throw any more interceptions.

The loss of Samuels may prove to be a huge hit for our line, simply because I don't know how Ray Brown is going to contain Oseminura (sp) of the Giants. From what I remember Chris had a bad day against him, and hopefully our backups can help out in that department. We got a tough road ahead of us now, lets see how our cards deal out and what our Redskins can do. Hail Skins!

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