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Portis' Ride to the End Zone


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Clinton Portis grabbed the jersey of Mike Sellers

as he stumbled to the end zone...he wouldve fallen

had he not held on...great play :)

It is illegal to have your jersey hanging out...

It has to be tucked...took advantage of it...


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Yeah that toss play to the strong side was working well for the most part yesterday...That's how Portis likes to run wall a bunch of blockers outside and let him pick his lane...I have been impressed with him getting those tough inside yards this year. Taking what they give him instead of trying to break one outside or away from the play call has made him a better back for us!

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That was one crazy play. I couldn't wait for the replay. I have never seen anything like that. It looked like he was going to land face first and then he just hung in the air. That all leads me to wonder how freakin strong is Sellers that Portis holding himself up didn't alter Sellers stride at all.

What's even more unbelievable is that fact that the announcers never even made mention of it.

It looked so nice to see Portis on those tosses with Sellers lead blocking.

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