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Remember this about the Dallas game...


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I know we'll want to analyze the X's and O's...our line vs. their line...our secondary vs. their receivers...etc.

But this is a divisional rivalry and for the first time since 1992, this game means something late in the season. There are 2 factors that I think are more important than any matchup on the field between the players...

#1...the team's confidence


#2...the crowd!

Since the San Diego loss, the rally cry was "5 in a row or we don't go!" Then we faced 2 games on the road, albeit against inferior competition yet still a daunting task when you go into the road trip 1-4 on the road. Our defense has been very formiadable the last two weeks. Now we get to come home full of confidence.

The crowd...it made a huge difference for the Skins today...I know cause I was there...I would guess there were about 12-15,000 fans rooting for the skins...Imagine 92,000?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Dallas is better than us...maybe not...They were for the first 56 minutes last time we played but we still came out on top...Now Fed Ex get's to show what the BIGGEST stadium in the NFL is all about. I left my voice at Sun Devil Stadium today...I hope and prey that every one of you who goes to the game next week does the same!

Your voices...can save our season!

E Pluribus Unum..."Out of many,one"

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The Skins need to be healthy.

Right now Arrington, Salava and Springs on the defense

Also I can Moss being contained alot better.

I dont see the Skins bringing pressure on Bledsoe, and I think the Dallas D will harras Brunell.

Dallas spent everything they had to beat the Chiefs. They left nothing on the field or in the playbook.

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