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I can't believe 17 points was enough to win this game. The defense was stellar all day but I'm quite certain 17 won't get the job done in the next couple of games.

Our downfield passing game seems mortally wounded....but is it because of Brunell's lack of arm or teams doubling up on Santana and know one else is a threat? You would think that with the emergence of the running game that there must be some play action potential on some of those 2nd/3rd and short downs.

That's probably the only time we're going to get man to man coverage in the secondary ( when they put "8 in the box" ).

I like that they at least attempted the reverse to Brown to day but wisely Portis kept it when the Cards got the backfield penetration....

The kick off return was great but how the hell is this offense going to score the next few weeks???!!!................Craig


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