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John Hall wins in Arizona scuffle..

Bleeding Burgundy

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Yeah...:wtf: was up with that play? Rackers came off the bench onto the field to scuffle with Campbell and he DIDN'T GET A PENALTY FLAG??!?!?!?!?! That was totally and utterly bogus. How did he NOT get a flag?

However I guess if John Hall elbowed dude in the mouth, everything is kind of even...:)

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I watched Hall play even before he became a Redskin,as he comes from the town in Fla. that I live in.There were games when he was a Jet where he had some big hits on kickoffs.One hit I was particularly thrilled with was when he laid a Bucs return guy out.He goes around 245 and works out quite a bit.Likes to mix it up.

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I noticed Campbell getting picked on after 2 or 3 special teams plays (in addition to the Rackers incident) and I must say I found it very disturbing to see a fellow BG graduate being treated with such disrespect. Although I must add, he represented the Falcons well by not tearing (the helmetless) Rackers head off and getting a 15 yd flag.

:dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck :dallasuck

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(Two kids are arguing on the playground...)

Jimmy: Karlos Dansby could beat up LaVar Arrington.

Bobby: Nuh uh.

Jimmy: Yeah. And Bert Berry could beat up Joe Salave'a.

Bobby: Could not!

Jimmy: Could too!

Bobby: Hey Jimmy.

Jimmy: Yeah?

Bobby: Our kicker just beat up your defensive end.

Jimmy: :doh:


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