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3 Weeks To Go: Race to NFC playoffs (Merged)


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Here's the race for the Nfc playoffs:

(Overall Record, Conference Record, Division Record)

1. Seattle: 11-2, 10-1, 6-0

Schedule: @Titans, Colts, @ Packers

2. Chicago: 9-4, 8-1, 4-0

Schedule: Falcons, @Packers,@Vikings

3. New York: 9-4, 8-3, 4-1

Schedule: Chiefs, @Skins, @Raiders

4. Tampa: 9-4, 7-3, 3-1

Schedule: @Pats, Falcons, Saints

5. Carolina: 9-4, 6-3, 2-2

Schedule: @Saints, Boys, @Falcons

6. Minnesota: 8-5, 7-4, 4-1

Schedule: Steelers, @Ravens, Bears

7. Dallas: 8-5, 6-3, 3-2

Schedule: @Skins, @Panthers, Rams

8. Atlanta: 7-5, 4-4, 1-2

Schedule: Saints, @Bears, @Bucs, Panthers

9. Washington: 7-6, 7-2, 2-1

Schedule: Boys, Giants, @Eagles

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My current predictions- to change next week of course, LOL! :laugh:

1. Seattle: 13-3, 11-1

2. Chicago: 11-5, 10-2

3. Tampa: 11-5, 9-3

4. Giants: 10-6, 8-4

5. Carolina: 11-5, 8-4

6. Dallas: 10-6, 8-4


7. Vikings: 10-6, 8-4

8. Skins: 9-7, 9-3

9. Falcons: 9-7, 6-6

Wild Card: Tampa over Dallas, Carolina over New York

Div Round: Seattle over Carolina, Tampa over Chicago

Champ: Seattle over Tampa

SB 40: Colts over Seahawks

Sorry, but I just don't see us winning all 3 games. We will trip up either against Dallas or New York. Or maybe both! Our offense can't score more than 20- it's back to last years offense. Dallas and New York are hungry for the playoffs. I think we lose to Dallas and get revenge against the Giants. Though if the Giants need that game, they will probably get it also.

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Its too bad the Dallas got the win today...those ****s! Anyways next week is a must win game, say we pull out the next 3 we can even win the division.

Click on the link above to see the playoff picture..I didnt want to put up the whole article due to copyright, you never know now...:rolleyes:Hail Redskin Fans!!!!!! :dallasuck

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']So you think the Giants are losing their next two? Possible but I have more confidence in the Giants being able to score a lot on Saturday.

It's possible, though if you Guys needs the Skins game- you'll probably win that one. Though the revenge factor could motivate the Skins.

Hey I still have your Giants winning the Division but the Giants will lose come playoff time!

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there is no reason to talk about plaoffs for redskins fans. It's dallas week. that means only one thing matters right now. We take care of all this then we can talk playoffs. right now, the only thing that matters is beating dallas.

Dallas is hungry and can smell playoffs. The Skins are still stuggling on offense! Something tells me- Skins playoff hopes ends next weekend!

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Damn too bad Philly couldn't beat the Gints today. KC's D is atrocious and I can see Eli having a big day against them next week. I really hope KC steps it up next Saturday. I would hate for us to win the next 2 games and then depend on Oakland to help us win the division. Hopefully a wildcard will be sealed by Week 17. For the wildcard, we just need to take care of Dallas and win out, with the Vikings and ATL (especially ATL) having a brutal remaining sched.

Hail to the CHIEFS!

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Heres the thing we need the Giants to lose to Kansas City and Washington cause realistically they will beat the Raiders k that would make them 10 and 6, now for Dallas they need to lose to Washington and Carolina because they will most likely beat the Rams, k are you with me that makes them 10 and 6, then we need to win all 3 that makes us 10 and 6, but since we swepped Dallas we would get the tie breaker ok and with the Giants they look at best conference record..they would have a record of..8 and 4 and we would have a record of 10 and 2..ok guys we need to do this!

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10-6 we're in.....period. I don't even think it is plausible that we aren't in at 10-6 due to our tie-breaker situation.

Today dealt a serious blow to our 9-7 and we're in chances. We would need to beat Dallas and if we lose one of the next two Dallas would have to lose @ Carolina, the Falcons would have to drop two with Carolina and TB being the lone true threat and either the Vikes lose to Chicago and Pittsburgh or the Bears lose out.

Doesn't sound promising but why not!!

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Here's what it all means.

Again, assuming TB or Carolina will take one of the wildcard spots, that leaves one spot for the Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons, and Redskins.

While there are several reasonable scenarios with the Skins getting by beating the Cowboys and splitting with the Giants and Eagles, there are unlikely scenarios with the Skins getting in by losing against the Cowboys and beating the Giants and Eagles. The long and short of it is This is a playoff game. If the Skins beat the Cowboys, their playoff chances look quite good. If the Skins lose, they are for all intents and purposes, out of the playoff hunt.

IF the Redskins beat the Cowboys, then the Redskins will more than likely hold the tiebreakers among the Cowboys, Vikings, and Falcons. The Redskins task then is to make sure they're at least tied with all of those teams in overall record at the end of the year. Here are the scenarios.

Redskins run the table and finish 10-6


Dallas would lose the H2H tiebreaker and be out of playoffs

Atlanta would need to lose 1 game - Saints, @Bears, @Bucs, Panthers

Minnesota would need to lose 1 game - Steelers, @Ravens, Bears

Redskins beat the Cowboys, but split against the Giants and Eagles


Dallas would need to lose 1 game - @Panthers, Rams

Atlanta would need to lose 2 games - Saints, @Bears, @Bucs, Panthers

Minnesota would need to lose 2 games - Steelers, @Ravens, Bears

As you can see, if the Redskins run the table it would be quite likely they get in. If the Redskins beat the Cowboys then split, it would take some help to get in, but is not out of the question. If the Redskins lose to the Cowboys you guys can make 23 "START JASON CAMPBELL" threads.

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