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Should Kurt Warner have been our QB?


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he's not nearly as mobile as Brunell, let's be fair. Warner has a strong arm and is a lot like Bledsoe, a 33 year old veteran with a lot of hits and mileage on him. I don't know if the team would be better off with him in 2005. It probably would have in 2004 given the poor stats of Brunell and Ramsey.

But remember that Boldin and Fitzgerald make Warner look good because they are able to get clear separation and are big targets that can go up and get balls that would be incompletions to other receivers.

Right now the Redskins don't have a wide receivers corps.

They have Moss. And then they have Cooley and Portis as secondary receivers.

The other 3 wide receivers on the roster don't catch footballs. That's just a fact.

Notice that even on the couple of plays where Taylor Jacobs caught the football, he wasn't really open, but rather had a DB right there to fight him for the ball.

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