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Karabell Predicting Warner AND Brunell to Have Big Games.


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On espn.com Eric Karabell talks about his picks for fantasy football and two of the quarterbacks he emphasises are Kurt Warner and Mark Brunell.

He talks about Warner having great fantasy days for the past 6 weeks. He says he "knows Kurt Warner is playing Washington, but, it doesn't matter to him - Warner's playing at home."

Right after that he says, "Mark Brunell, I think he bounces back at Arizona."

To summarize his QB picks he goes on to say, "As far as having big games or average games, Brunell, Warner, Brad Johnson and probably Michael Vick are guys that should have big games."

Truthfully, I'll be glad to see them throw the ball just so we can get a bunch of Taylor highlights up. C. Rogers semester exam today boys. Here's to an exciting game. :cheers:

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