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Another Playoff scenario.

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If all 4 finish 10-6 we hold the tiebreaker don't we?? We would have the best conference record.

Yes, any tie with any of those teams we win the tie breaker.

The original poster was asking what would have to happen if we were to lose vs the Giants and win the rest of our games.

But yes, if we go 10-6 and so do the Vikings and Falcons and Cowboys, we would win the tie breaker with a 10-2 NFC record.

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The Bucs won today, which I wasn't expecting. Also Carolina lost, which I wasn't expecting.

My point is, if we win out and don't get the division title, we may not have to settle for the 6th seed. We might get the 5th seed, because the Bucs, who held the tie breaker over us for a wildcard spot, may have the division title instead.

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I dont think the Giants will be us at home. Eli Manning has only won one road game in his career, aginst the 49ers.

Make that 2...he just beat the Eagles.

But the 49ers are horrible and the Eagles imploded and they barely got by them in OT.

The key is the Chiefs on saturday. The Chiefs beat the Giants...and all we have to do is win out to be NFC EAST Champions.

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As much as I would love to hope and want it to happen, I don't believe we can beat the Cowboys next week. Too many turnovers and the defense allows way too many big plays. Not to discredit Arizona any, but we should have beaten this team by more than just four points. I'm sorry to say, but I really don't believe we will be going to the playoffs this year. I'm a die-hard SKINS fan and probably no one gets more pissed at the games then I do (i.e. two broken televisions this year), but I am just being realistic.

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the vikings, falcons, and cowboys all have tough schedules. if we beat the cowboys but manage to lose 1 of the final 2 games, we could still be alive, but we MUST beat the cowboys. say we beat the cowboys but lose to either giants or eagles, we finish at 9-7

vikings (8-5)- pittsburgh at home, @ baltimore, chicago at home.

I can easily see the vikings losing all 3 of these games (baltimore almost beat denver @ denver despite another pitiful kyle boller performance). lets just give them a benefit of the doubt and say they finish 9-7

falcons (8-5 (assuming they hang on against the saints))- @ chicago, @ tampa bay, carolina at home.

suck in cold weather, so Ill assume they lose at chicago. tampa will be tough, and carolina just killed them. i can see them losing out as well, but again Ill give them the benefit of the doubt and say they win one. that's 9-7.

cowboys (8-5) - @ washington, @carolina, st louis at home.

heres the kicker. lets say they lose to us. this would CRUSH that team in a profound way. then i think theyd lose to carolina and beat st louis, putting them also at 9-7.

SO. basically, the skins HAVE to win this week at dallas. its a must. this scenario assumes that either the bucs or the panthers, whoever doesnt win the nfc south, will get the 1st wildcart slot. this is a VERY plausible situation. the reason the skins would get in at 9-7 is that we have a great conference record (7-2 right now and would be 9-3 if we finish 9-7) so we would win the tiebreaker over the other teams. for me, and this would prolly make me madder than ive ever gotten, is if we beat the cowboys, lose one of the final 2, go 9-7 and the cowboys win the last two, go 10-6 and make it in. i would probably commit suicide. so theres the complex situation where the skins get in at 9-7.

i say we go the easy route and win out, 10-6, almost ensuring fully a spot in the playoffs

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