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Who are u rooting for this sunday?


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hey everyone congrats on last weeks win was abig game for us that we really needed glad 2 see we actually stuck with what was working....anyhow these are the games we should be closely watching this week :) :

Chicago @ Pittsburgh: Since minnesotta have climbed out of no where and presented us with another team to worry about in the race i guess it wouldnt hurt for chicago to lose 2 an AFC team. So even if it does come down to the last game between the vikes and bears and minny win chicago still could have the same amount of losses and we own the tie breaker against them GO STEELERS!!!!

ST Louis@ Vikings : Man brad is carrying this team i doubt they will lose this sunday but hey its the NFL. ofcourse we would really appreciate the rams helping us out here because minnesotta have become a real threat plus their schedule is not as hard as one might think so this is a huge game in my opinion hope the rams can pull this off some how

Tampa @ Carolina : we all know who we want to root for here in this game its pretty obvious. Would be real nice to see the panthers just win out because that would help us enormously big big game but i think the panthers have it in them and they will win because its at home GO PANTHERS

G-Men @ Philly: what can i say ...no way in hell philly can pull an upset here even though it would REALLY help but i just dont see how they move the balll through the ground nor the air ...and i also dont see how they stop eli or barber could be a blowout but since its at philly and its still an nfc east rivalry u never know crazier things have happened hope philly come out of th egame with a miracle.

Washington @ Arizona: My my my,, back to the desert we go. Has been a tough place for us to place recently but i hope this sunday it will chnage. non of what is aid earlier really matters if we lose . this is an imporant game absoluttly VITAL .....i hope no1 is overlooking this game like i think some of u fans are hopefully we can shorten the field and not give the ball over and well be fine :dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

K.C. @ dallas: also a very IMPORTANT game because in the worst case scenerio if we lose to dallas but kc beat them then a carolina win over dallas still kepps us ahead of them ...lets not think that far yet and hope larry johnson just runs wild in my opion the best game of the week will be fun. GO CHIEFS

Saints @ falcons: MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ....can the saints pull an upset ..i see it happening really .horn plays good in prime teams atlantas run d is horrid and there pass d is effective their run d is the weakness but last week they stopped the cadilacc so i dont see y the siants cnat upset this team...So this will be my upset special heard it here first GO SAINTS

what do u guyz think

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I think you're pretty much on the money. I see us winning three out of the last four to end up 9-7. (Wins over Arizona, NYG and Philly; losing to Dallas *ugh*) That makes the Dallas vs. KC game crucial. Dallas has to lose to end up tied with us at 9-7. (I see them losing to KC and Carolina; and beating us and St.Louis)

Minnesota should also end up 9-7 with wins over St.Louis and Baltimore; and losses to Pittsburgh and Chicago. Tampa, I believe, will be 10-6 after beating Atlanta and New Orleans; and losing to Carolina and New England.

With Dallas and Minnesota, I believe we'd get in on tiebreakers, which would likely come down to NFC record. It's a stretch, but this season is nowhere near over.

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If you can't dream it...

Ah hell, who am I kidding? We're doomed.

Happy now? ;)

Could you please pack AWAY those black clouds and put your horsemen back into your toy box where they belong! Ive asked you several times already and if you dont do this there will be no football for you!

This is my stern face.

Go Skins!

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Route #1 (win division) = win out and NYG lose one more besides us.

Route #2 (wild card) Redskins 6-6 vs. 8-4 TB, 7-5 (Dal, Min & Atl). 2 of the 5 survive. Assume we lose 1 game. We need help. We have all tie breakers, except TB?

Sure would like to have that TB game back.

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