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yeh, the JMU playoff games were great, watched the Furman v. JMU game on tv, great special teams play, then was at the W&M game and the state championship.

We were watching the Texas St. v. Northern Iowa game last night, and watched Furman barely lose to App. St just now. I was pulling for Furman, and an A-10 rival before like New Hampshire or Richmond, they both lost in the 2nd round though. Oh well. Im not a fan of regular season I-AA games though, but playoffs are great.

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Damn JMU...

So lucky it rained before the semis last year, otherwise W&M would have beat the Dukes just like we did in their house.

All bitterness aside, the games are amazingly fun to watch. The offenses are generally 10X better than the defenses, so all the games are high-scoring and massive comebacks are always possible. We actually came back from 21 down against Delaware in the fourth quarter in the playoffs last year. Best game I've ever seen.

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I'm an Appalachian State University grad, so I was extremely happy about the game yesterday.

A great win considering our best player, QB Ritchie Williams, got hurt in the 1st quarter and never returned. Nice play from the 2nd stringer, Elder.

We would have been a big favorite in the championship game Friday night, but the QB situation evens things up a bit. Our defense is going to have to bring their "A" game.

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