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When I read about this, I dismissed it off as something I wouldn't play.

Reason being, if I don't keep my old system and games, then why would I want to play the same old games from before?

The answer, these aren't the same old games.

These are new games based on the old ones, or just new games all together.

Basicly you have old school games, with new school graphics and control.

Geometry Wars is a great example.

It's basicly asteroids on crystal meth.

The graphics are unbelievable! The colors, the explosions, this is a moving piece of artwork.

And the controls, unlike asteroids, you can zip around with board at will, instead a slow moving ship. And it has fire power out the wazoo!

Plus the enemy is relentless! At times you will find about 100 enemys FLYING at you all at once!!!! And you're just doing all you can just to survive!

All of this is going on to a heart pumping techno song.

When you survive a miracle 5 minutes of pure hell, you'll realize that you have taken over the position as God of the universe!:silly:

The games are 5$-10$ each, they're simple, beautiful and a blast to play!

After I beat Call of Duty 2, I have found myself playing these games more than any other game.

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