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Dan Banks gives us The Kiss of Death...


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...in his Snap Judgements, by saying something good about us:

Washington (6-6) at Arizona (4-8)

As much as I've repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the Redskins' playoff hopes this season, there's no denying that Washington is a better, more competitive team than it has been at any point since its last playoff appearance in '99. And while I wouldn't start selling playoff tickets just yet, with their three NFC East games remaining, the Redskins could still be a factor in the division race.

I guess he's given up on the Ravens this season! :laugh:


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let's face it, regardless of what the Redskins do, isn't it fun to see the Ravens go 4-8 after all that preseason hype about these guys being ready to take on the Steelers and Bengals in 2005 and win their division and advance in the playoffs? :)

I will take credit (along with 10 million other NFL fans) for thinking in preseason that ANY team being led by Kyle Boller is not likely to be a winning franchise or a playoff team.

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