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michael irvin,a dallas type of guy


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Well I guess Dallas fans who really want to see this guy go into the Hall of Fame have no regards when it comes to the children or the kids who actually have looked up to this scumbag through the years.Appearantly it is beyond thier mental capacity to understand that its not just what athletes do on the field but what they do off the field that makes them a PROFESSIONAL.I havent heard one Dallas fan come out of the woodwork and say what a disgusting human being Michael Irvin is.I havent heard one Dallas fan say that in no way does Michael Irvin represent what Dallas is all about.Its all about the win,just win. "Look at his stats","Look at his numbers in the Super Bowls".They ,in my book,are the most shallow individuals.They need reality spoonfed to them.THE MAN HAS BEEN CAUGHT NUMEROUS TIMES WITH CRACK/COCAINE,THE MAN WAS CAUGHT RUNNING A BUILDING CALLED THE WHITE HOUSE,DO WE NEED TO GET INTO SPECIFICS,ALONG WITH SEVERAL OTHER COUNTS CRIMES THAT ARENT WORTH WASTING MORE SPACE OVER,BUT "LOOK AT HIS STATS",AND YOU WONDER WHY DALLAS FANS ARE CONSIDERED SOME OF THE WORST IN THE LEAGUE.

Furthermore if and when they choose to put Mr.Irvin in the Hall of Fame ,well I hope they leave Mr.Art Monk out ,I wouldnt want to see Art's name in the same annals of scumbag Irvin.:logo:

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