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forget about the giants losing to eagles or cowboys losing to someojne else...



:applause: i always had that opinion. we HAVE to take care of our own business, its the only thing we can control. i think the "we played tough teams", "if the refs didn't hate us so much", "if x loses the rest of their games", or "good thing x is hurt b/c we can beat them now". that's loser talk, especially since we already lost some game we could have or should have won. you can't ask for help after you already put yourself in a hole. come together, fight back and show them you are a good football team.

if we can win out and not make the playoffs, i'd be as impressed as if we made the playoffs with the same record.

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I'm coubting on the Chiefs beating the Giants. The Chiefs are such and important team to us right now with Dallas and New york next up for them. They are hitting their stride and I wish them the best of luck.

Carolina is very important too.

We can be thankful that the terams we are relying on are very good teams. better than needing teams like the 49ers to help us out.

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