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Cardinals LB on Sirius today


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:logo: Karlos Dansby,Arizona Cardinals Linebacker was on Sirius radio this afternoon.......He said "Clinton Portis aint gonna run on me like he did to St.Louis".

So, I take it Karlos with a 'K' will be inactive Sunday. :)

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He's actually a pretty decent LB I feel, from Auburn so I like him more for that reason. I feel he's somewhat underrated, and if anyone really stands out as a leader on that defense, it's prolly him.

Though I think Bubba had the best answer.

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given the franchise record of the Cardinals over the years this guy evidently hasn't gotten the word that a defender needs to work on better than the #26 defense to come out and proclaim that his unit is going to bust somebody on Sundays :laugh:

people have been going to Arizona and spanking the Cardinals for years.

talk about a stadium filled with opposing fans? :)

The Cardinals used to play the Cowboys with a crowd that looked to be 75% Dallas fans. Ditto when the Gibbs Redskins used to go there in the 1980's-1990's.

My brother-in-law lives in Phoenix and says nobody pays attention to the Cardinals in any event.

The big deal out there is college football not pro football.

And the pro sports franchise the city cares about is the Suns.

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