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What follows is an abbreviated highlight of noteworthy good and bad play. (I watched the game in a sports bar. Normally with Tivo I'll be able to get a more detailed report.)

MVP: Spurrier. This guy defines "never say die." Brilliant offensive coaching and great attitude.

Offensive game balls: Thompson, Doering. Great, dominating performances by each WR.

Defensive game balls: Arrington, Ohalete. Arrington managed to knock out *two* QBs in one game. Ohalete made a key late INT and forced the fumble at the goal line that saved the game.

Solid play: starting defense (though Smoot and Champ were somewhat disappointing); Gardner; McCants; OL from mid-third-quarter to game end.

Good plays at times: Betts (had one exceptionally quick run); Shade (sack); TE Stephens (TD catch); Skaggs (key catch on final drive); Matthews in later third quarter; Sage in 4th quarter.

Poor play: starting OL (pass protection and run blocking both poor); RB Watson (fumble returned for TD); 4th quarter defense (gave up long drive to Pittsburgh that almost lost game, except for goal-line fumble); Skaggs and Anthony (each dropped an easy pass); Lott on Randall El TD catch (whiffed on goal-line tackle); Shade on Randall El reverse for TD (trailed on run); Sage in 2nd quarter (terrible decision making, resulting in INTs and other passes that should have been INTs); Matthews in early third quarter (as bad as Sage); kickoffs (depth of kicks and coverage); penalties all game long by many offenders.

Goat: Kim Helton. Pretty soon the starting OL is going to have to play a dominating starting defense all game long. It won't feel as good as this game, when we had the second half to play against Pittsburgh's backups.

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Just can't help yourself.

From another thread ASF:

"Fortunately, I've been assured by everyone for many weeks now that OL coach Kim Helton is *not* the problem. Please do let me know when it's OK to admit that Helton *is* the problem."

This Thread:

Goat: Kim Helton. Pretty soon the starting OL is going to have to play a dominating starting defense all game long. It won't feel as good as this game, when we had the second half to play against Pittsburgh's backups.

Soooooooo what are ya trying to say?

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Originally posted by Art

First half running game:

8 carries. 45 yards.

That dumb sunofab!tch Helton. What's he doing out there. We can NOT get by with 5.6 yards a carry. This is outrageous.

Art, it's really dumb to get in a pissing match about a game you didn't even watch.

1st Half Rushes (excluding running out clock on last drive):

1-10: 4 yards (right end)

1-17: 2 yards (middle)

1-10: 0 yards (right end)

1-10: 10 yards (middle)

2-4: 6 yards (middle)


5 drives

5 rushes

22 yards

No, I don't think rushing for 22 yards is impressive. I also note that it took the team until the 4th drive to have a single impressive run. By that point, I'm sure Pittsburgh wasn't very frightened of a rushing attack that dared to attack once per drive on average.

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What about Wuerffel's four yard run. Does that not count too?

Why not say Davis' 10-yarder doesn't count either because, well, because it doesn't help you and all.

How about this. Let's ignore the no gainer and the two yarder. How'd we do then?

Now, let's try another thing. With the ASF approved numbers we had five carries for 22 yards. Would that be a 4.4 yards a carry? DAMMIT. THIS SUCKS. We should average 5.6 yards a carry or something like that instead right?

Oh, and after your Helton mewling last week you should absolutely NEVER EVER EVER EVER tell anyone that it's stupid to get into a pissing match over a game someone didn't even watch. Again, you seem completely oblivious to your own hypocritical and limiting nature Atlanta. It's, sadly, embarrassing dude. Wise up.

But, let me make a promise to you. When I watch the game it's likely I'm going to see 8 carries for 45 yards in the first half. And I'm going to see 5.6 yards a carry. And I'm going to find it impossible to change that. But, I'm sure stats will prove you have a point if you extract plays you don't like as much as others.

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Art, I can't believe we're having this discussion.

The Redskins had only five real running plays in the first half. I say "real", because Wuerffel's run was a scramble, and the final two runs were with seconds on the clock against a prevent defense.

These five running plays spanned five drives and totaled 22 yards. The first run was adequate; the second two were stuffed; the third two were good.

That's not "establishing" any kind of running game. That's throwing in a run now and then almost as a lark. I'm sure the reason the last two runs worked better than the first three is that the Steelers stopped worrying about the run altogether.

Your argument is like a guy who has had sex once in his life, bragging to another guy that he "averages" a 60-minute session of sex each time out. That might true, but it's also pathetically misleading.

Also, my major point in all this was about pass blocking. The team hardly ran at all in the first half. When they did choose to run, they were stuffed two out of five runs -- despite having the advantage of surprise. Why is this so difficult to see?

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In your world, since it's Helton's fault we don't offer contracts to players, or demonstrate interest in guys you like, or draft players we should have it's obviously HIS fault Spurrier calls plays the way he does. Clearly as the offensive coordinator, which is his title, he should force Spurrier to call more runs.

You telling anyone that the running game is inadequate based on FIVE attempts called by our head coach and play caller is probably not all that outrageous. But, that you continue to spin it into Helton's problem is something you simply lack any foundation to say.

Spurrier is doing in the preseason what he wants to do. I think no one believes we won't attempt to run more at some point. But, it's not Helton's fault we had, in your view, five real rushing attempts. If you have a problem with that, name your goat Spurrier who is calling those plays.

In the few times they did run, they averaged 5.6 yards a carry. If we can do that every game, we'll be fine. I'm sure you prefer the story of the guy who has sex 60 times and puts up 60 minutes of time. But, ask around -- especially the ladies -- and I'd bet they'd trade the the 60 for a 60 :).

You might as well come to the realization though right now, that Spurrier is going to go much longer than Marty, who went much more frequently, if we're using your likeness. Pretty soon you are going to have to realize that Helton isn't incubus and if you have a problem with the running game, you need to put it where it belongs. That's with Spurrier.

I tend to think Spurrier is attempting to smooth over a system that needs more time passing than running at the moment, but that he might be smart enough to call more runs when he needs to. I just have a hard time calling him the goat, which you are doing.

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How about the fact that our interior OL doesn't run block that well and SS is perhaps trying to get the best outta what he has @ hand?

So easy for you to be critical, now can YOU take the heat?

Peace, my brother.........


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I think that the running game tonight may have had a lot to do with our offensive problems. We have already shown that we have a team that can pass the ball and move the chains. What we haven't shown is that we can run in this offense. Could SS just have been trying ot renew Davis's confidence in the system and show him that he will be used? I know we didnt do a great job out there, but Davis did have some nice runs on those first few drives. I think we could have easily done some more stuff had we been exclusively in a pass-pass-pass frame of mind. All in all, I think we did a lot better than we were first thinking last night.

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When looked at the rushing stats, don't forget that Sage took about a 30 yard loss when he was running out the clock at the end of the game! :laugh:

Spurrier: "we'll have to work on the run out the clock play, Sage was only supposed to lose about 5 yards on that one."

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Originally posted by Atlanta Skins Fan

Defensive game balls: Arrington, Ohalete. Arrington managed to knock out *two* QBs in one game. Ohalete made a key late INT and forced the fumble at the goal line that saved the game.

Ohalete did NOT force that fumble. L. Jackson striped the ball. When you get the tape and watch it a few times watch for him closing on the ball carrier . He will come from the ball carriers left side and L. Jackson's left hand goes right on the ball and knocks it out before Ohalete even makes contact.;)

L. Jackson and Sage are my favorite new/young players.

Jackson has a knack to get to the ball and make things happen. He is fast and has all those qualities you can't measure or time. He IS a player. This guy will be a Skin for awhile.

Also I would like to say our young Dt's looked good. Powell and Cowsette will be better then we all think. If Gardener can stay healthy that is going to be a nice Dt 4 some to rotate.

I also think we should use L. Jackson to rotate with Wynn and Smith and we have the making of a very solid "D" line.

If our "O" can keep the "D" off the field with some long drives and keep them rested we are going to have an outstanding D this year.

Smoot and Bailey did not look polished, they better get there act together. Lott missed a key tackle and Shade missed a key tackle, hit the dummy's boys. Bauman is a nice little hitter. He surprised me.

Skaggs did look good on special teams. We should keep him an ohalete for Special teams.

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