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Springs and Rogers: I hope you are seeing the disrespect


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Joey Galloway:doh:

holy cow, 5K posts. :paranoid:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww snap, those were the words that come out of your fingers on your 5k post. No way, ask the Mods for forgiveness.

Back to the thread at hand. Kurt Warners ugly mug is all over my cbssportsline fantasy page.

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Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce sure had big days last week huh?

I think that had a little more to do with a rookie from Harvard starting against us than it did our secondary. Jesus, Springs had two passes bounce off his back.

Springs has been sensational almost the entire season; the weak link has been Harris, although it seems Rogers is growing into his own with steady play and two INTs in his last two games.

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I heard Denny Green on the Sirius NFL Channel the other morning talking about how he was going to be in the ears of the officials pre-game about making sure they call defensive holding on our D against his wideouts.

He believes that if we cannot quickly get to the QB with our blitzes then we will most likely HAVE to hold their receivers to keep them from making big plays. He thinks their wideouts are just to big for our corners to handle one on one.

He then admitted that he has tried to get the refs to call more defensive holding penalties before and usually the result is that HIS D gets the penalty called against them more frequently. It was a good interview.

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Zoony is Loony, our secondary has been tourched all year. We have decent corners, but if you give any QB that much time, he will burn you. I hope we send the sink this Sunday


The thread is about Carlos Rogers and Shawn Springs... not Walt Harris.

'zoony is loony'... good stuff.

Dam guys I realized I wasn't clear in my first post, but consider the context... dam I'm not that bad. :doh:

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